Considering Metallic Epoxy Flooring? What Atlanta Residents Should Ask.

When you’re looking for a durable floor for your home or business, metallic epoxy flooring in Atlanta and concrete floor polishing are both very popular options. A concrete floor can be transformed in a matter of hours with staining and polishing by a professional flooring technician; however, if you prefer the wonderful look of a metallic epoxy floor, you’ll not only get a floor that can stand up to just about any use, but it will also be something very unique.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta GA
Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta GA

What to Know When Considering Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta

The installation or creation of a metallic floor is more than just a product that is applied to the floor of your home or business. Beautiful metallic epoxy flooring in Atlanta is like a work of art, and no two installers use the exact same technique when installing this type of flooring. Additionally, while no particular technique is right or wrong, each method does produce its own unique look.

If you’re considering beautiful metallic epoxy flooring in Atlanta, spend some time looking at the results created by different installers. When you find a floor that appeals to you, then you’ll probably want to hire that installer for your epoxy floors. However, just like every installer has their own unique technique for creating a metallic floor, even the same installer is going to have variations from one floor installation to the next. When you choose an experienced installer for your metallic epoxy flooring in Atlanta, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind floor that will look great for many years.


Concrete Floor Polishing in Atlanta

Polishing a concrete floor is a process that generally includes at least six separate grindings using grinding tools that become progressively finer until the desired results are achieved. A polished concrete floor is usually ground to at least an 800 grit level, but can also be finished to a 1500 or 3000 grit level, depending on your preference. They can even be ground and polished to a beautiful high-gloss finish regardless of whether the floor is new or several years old. These floors offer an attractive floor option for an office, home, or garage. Concrete floors can also be stained using an acid based chemical stain or an acrylic water-based stain, providing a wide range of color options. As an added bonus, polished concrete floors are easy to maintain.

The right flooring can make a big difference in both the look it brings to your home or business as well as the overall durability of your flooring. Whether you choose concrete floor polishing in Atlanta or you have a beautiful and unique metallic epoxy floor installed, an experienced technician can help ensure you get quality results.