Help! I need a good Tree Service on Long Island

When you start thinking about hiring a tree service on Long Island, do you go through any type of rational thoughts? Maybe you do, or you’re like everyone else. Who has a saw, And who is not going to destroy my house!

Tree Service on Long Island
Tree Service on Long Island

Now while some people may say, look for a company that has a license, a licensed tree service company how long island is no guarantee that they will do a good job.

I have seen long island tree service companies that are unlicensed do one heckuva job. You can use it as a barometer if you wish, but I believe there are better points to determine whether a specific tree company is right for you and more importantly right for the job.

There is one thing you may want to check and that you’re saying if a company has adequate insurance. Now that may not make a difference if you have it adequate homeowners coverage. A tree company may not have insurance if they are not licensed. Now while most businesses will make sure that a tree removal company they hire is properly credential and insured, you have homeowners that are just looking for the best price.

So if you still want to be Mike  the cheapo, you’ll want to ask at least for referrals. Now the only thing is that those referrals might just be one of his friends. So make sure that you quiz them well. And don’t be afraid to ask “so how long have you been friends”. Depending on how he answers or stutters, you will definitely know whether the person you’re speaking with is a bona fide referral or a fraud

You can search on Angie’s list to see whether anyone has done a review on them. You can only do it with you on Angie’s list if you are a member and if you ordered your service through the platform. It kind of makes the reviews more honestly then if you look at a Google, Facebook or yelp review. And definitely don’t go to You will definitely find only crybabies on those websites.

One thing you wanna know what kind of equipment do they offer. Do they have grinders, trucks where all the refuse to be put in curious do they have a bucket truck. Be there in one minute and tell you what kind of services they are offering, but whether this is a real company or not, or just someone with a chainsaw trying to make a couple of extra dollars!